Friday, January 4, 2013

{Live - Brightly} Reading Resolutions

This week is all about resolutions. I would like to report I am doing very well on my resolution to wear lipstick more often. With that said, something else I would like to work on is my reading list. I have always been a huge reader, but then I started graduate school, which put a pause on my leisure reading. Since graduating last May I have had trouble getting back in to the swing of things with my reading routine. To fix this I decided to outsource to the expert and called on bestie Sarah Enni.

 A best friend since childhood, Sarah is an accomplished journalist, writer and the brains behind the helpful and hysterical literary blog Sarah Enni. This weekend Sarah finished her latest manuscript and celebrated by putting together these Reading Must-Have recommendations for the fashionably inclined.

"Read more books" is right up there with "hit the gym" and "stop watching Pitch Perfect so much" on (almost) everyone's list of new year's resolutions. As it should be! Literature is great for the mind and, with the rise of nerd culture, now it's downright cool. 

To get 2013: Year of the Scholar Chic off to the right start, I've been on the lookout for accessories to make reaching my goal of 52 books in the next 52 weeks.

1. Kate Spade's line of eyeglass jewelry may only be around on Ebay these days, but the classic design - and the allure of alerting everyone to your bookworm status without a word -  have inspired some easy-to-find variants on Etsy

2. Every home needs a nook with a big chair, plush pillows, and ideal lighting for diving into the next great novel. The fun and funky vintage desk lamps I've been obsessing over on Etsy add timeless style to a practical purchase. (Pictured from BarryVintage)  

3. The best thing about e-readers is they fit in just about any bag. But I was drawn to this tote by Jackie O-favored Finnish brand Marimekko. That handy exterior pocket is adorable, and I love the idea that my e-reader is still accessible even on a crowded subway car. 

4 . Though M Edge has a ton of great designs for e-reader cases, the line of several New Yorker covers are most likely to inspire you to dig into a novel at a chic coffee-shop downtown. I had to feature this cover on Step - Brightly because it so reminded me of Megan! (Compatible with all e-readers and iPads )

5 . I've forgiven Zooey Deschanel for the word adorkable because I'm loving the statement glasses she helped make a huge trend. This retro-inspired pair by Elizabeth and James give a tortoise-and-gold twist to the classic Wayfarer shape, and are appropriate at the office, a happy-hour book club meeting, or curling up with a great read on the couch. 

6. Manor Bindery Ltd. (who call themselves, delightfully, Makers of the Finest False Books since 1976) have several excellent designs to snazz up your Kindle. Everyone will think you're contemplating Nabokov's lyrical use of the English language (instead of keeping up with Sookie Stackhouse's latest love affair) with these classy covers.

You'll definitely want to get everything you need to read up a storm this year, because there are some titles coming out in 2013 that have my overly-strained eyes twitching in anticipation."

1. Sarah McCarry All Our Pretty Songs  
2 .Toby Barlow Babayaga   
3 . Stephen King Dr. Sleep  
5. Nathaniel Rich Odds Against Tomorrow  
6. Kate Atkinson Life After Life  

Right now I am reading Grace: A Memoir, but next up are Sarah's great recommendations. Happy Friday everyone  and happy reading!


Natalie said...

How is the Grace memoir?? Been wanting to read it!! I'm readin 'Just Kids' by Patti Smith. Also a great one!

Megan O'Connor Mershon said...

Natalie I love it! Grace is like the Forrest Gump of Fashion. She seriously has met and worked with everyone

Nikki said...

I love that you picked reading accessories!! I am dying to read Grace but have yet to order it (since I can't find it at any bookstore). I haven read a few books by David Sedaris and went to a reading he did and he is hilarious and such a great author!

chelsie moss said...

i literally just wrote a post about needing book suggestions so this post is just what I needed! thank ya :)

chelsie |

Esther Thompson-Long said...

I want to read Grace also. Currently reading "Gone Girl." I love it.

Esther Thompson-Long said...

I want to read Grace also. Currently reading "Gone Girl." I love it.